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People normally say things in a specific order,
But it is not incorrect to say them vice versa
Whether they are idiomatic expressions or not

Here are some examples to consider:
Butter and bread instead of bread and butter
Night and day instead of day and night
Women and men instead of men and women
Peas and rice instead of rice and peas
Cheese and bun instead of bun and cheese
Eve and Adam instead of Adam and Eve
White and black instead of black and white
Mrs. and Mr. insread of Mr. and Mrs.
Gold and silver instead of silver and gold
Water and soap instead of soap and water
Cold and hot instead of hot and cold
Wrong and right instead of right and wrong
Bad and good instead of good and bad
South and north instead of north and south
West and east instead of east and west
Paper and pen instead of pen and paper
Cons and pros instead of pros and cons
Earth and heaven instead of heaven and earth
Down and up instead of up and down
Wide and far instead of far and wide

As long as both expressions have the same meaning,
There is no difference whichever way you say it
Nobody has the authority to tell others how to speak

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Our world


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