My Verndarengill

Fri, 04/17/2020 - 11:31 -- MTandon

My Verndarengill,

Your courage and your selflessness; 

the armory which I gaze in wonder at. 

Strength; the shield polished by my love. 

Your loyalty is the veil around my shoulders 

against the corridors of infinite lies. 

The medallion of your kindness, 

a token I carry to embolden others to act. 

The tapestry of trust hangs in my castle of betrayal, 

a solitary column of unhinged power. 

The tendrils of your love is my soul, 

encased by a web of my affection. 

Your solitary pain and suffering 

the air expelled into the tainted air, 

I walk cocooned by your undying presence 

amidst a briar of selfishness and greed. 

I am a swan bequeathed two souls, 

not separated lest death shall end them both. 


ljúfur Hermaður

Sæt borg

My love for you is an unceasing waterfall, 

rushing into the rapids to return into your embrace, 

ne’er to be stopped by the minions of circumstance.


My sweet Verndarengill,

I am the faye,

That will forever hover near you

Hidden but heard

I shall be the wings,

That lift your spirits

And float your worries adrift

I shall be the wolf

That is forever at your heels

I shall be the moon and sun

Shining light upon you


For Eternity


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