To My Unrequited Crush

Often, I think of nothing at all

                  when you obscure my view.

                  I think of others down the hall

                  and consider the morning dew.

The way light catches the air,

                  how your lips shape words.

                  For each distraction, I stare

                  And ponder the evening birds.

My mind warps, twisting feeling

                  into hopeful dreams of possibility.

                  Each breath leaves me reeling

                  unable to accept responsibility.

The push and your pull

                  always ineffable and unknown.

                  Dragging me apart in handfuls,

                  you make me untouchable, alone.

Burning conflict resides inside,

                  separating you from reality.

                  This frames the highs I ride

                  and the lows that you see.

I understand your ways,

                  you think that this is right.

                  You love me during days,

                  you abandon me in the night.

You know who you are

                  and still you continue to upstage.

                  A bright and fading star

                  you will soon be in your cage.

I will be the end,

                  I decide where you will drop.

                  No more bleeding lines to blend,

                  Now you stop.

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