My Unexpected Child

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 22:41 -- Key

"But I Love You And If You Loved Me You Wou

Let Me Do This Without A Condom I Promise To Pull 

Out Before It Happens"

Was The Last Words He Said To Me And Me Thinking

I Was In Love With Him Do So Of Whatever He Please

Thinking Nothing Will Happen To Me He Was My First My

Everything And Whatever Happens He'll Be There For Me...Right?



I Missed My Period Didn't Think Anything Of It Hell

It Was Nothing To Me I Thought It Will Come The Next

Month But It Didn't He Said He Pull Out Right? But As I 

Think Back He Didn't....Maybe I'm Not My Mind Started To

Wonder...But Maybe I Am?? Back And Forth I Ask This Questions

And There Was Only One Way To Find Out.


The "Positive" Signed Stared Me Right In My Face

I Can't Believe What Has Come Of Me The Unexpected

The Unplanned Pregency How Was I Going To Tell My

Parents....How Was I Going To Tell Him?? My Tears Continued To

Stain My Face As Another Question Enter My Mind Have I

Ruined My Faith And My Future Bring This Child Here Into This

World?? Do I Even Care If Its A Boy Or A Girl??

Well His/Her Father Be There In Me And My Child Life

And I'm Strong Enough To Win This Fight I'm Having With

Myself Right Now With Me And My Unexpected Child.  


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