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  Watching her walk in was a hit to the chest in the space that's in between my heart and my lungs. I felt the wind get  knocked out of me ... unconscious but only for the seconds it took her to walk my way and revived by the sweet air in her, "hello I'm) Never though did I think that you'd be who you are to me.   the way clothes caress the curves on her body are enough to stir me a mixture of admiration and breath taking awe.  at the sight of her heads not only turn to stare but ponder the depth of her stunning beauty long after she is out of range, she is mysterious like thoughts in ones mind, a stranger that everyone wants to befriend, and also a friend that no one wants to lose. she is fit to perfection in a mold that all can admire because she is perfectly sculpted in a comfort for herself that few can attain but all can comprehend. she's like a warm, calm, lake you want to dive in but before you do you gaze in admiration of the beauty of simplicity of stillness in the moment.   she's like an ocean not only deep and breath taking, but beauty is found inthe lack of completely seeing all of her … knowing that there is more to her than imaginable is the reason that she captivates and pulls the attentionlammm of all those around who can do nothing more then sit at the shore of her circle of friends. And even though it feels like right there is where I am fully clothed.... ill dive in. And ill swim and swim even though sometimes these waves feel like they're going to drown my efforts and intentions. You're worth it because if I've forgotten to mention it... I love you.  And the same way people don't stop going to the beach because of big waves and seaweed I will stick around in all of your imperfections because your entire being is the reason why you're beautiful  You're like the scenery of a peaceful road trip in the fall Or a perfect nap in the sunlight from the window on a summer day as you lay there your face is caressed by the sun   Even though the last time I loved my heart was seemingly put through a shredder I give to you my bandaged life source and whether you take it now, later, or never just know its yours Because even though pain is a possibility I've come to admit you're worth the risk So baby with all the fruits of the spirit I could return to you. Without further a due my heart for you   Baby girls poem #2  vanilla essence only need a little to make a difference Your sweet aroma fills rooms in my mind so that you're always somewhere in there. Like candles even when no one knows that you're around you're affecting the atmosphere with your heat and your sweet aroma My heart and mind alternate time with you. The more time I spend with you the bigger your space in my heart grows. An undeserved gift is called love God loves me cause He gave me you and I thank Him and love Him but dare I love the creator and not share love for His creation I mean  Baby you're like the flu and I'm allergic to the cure, Because the cure takes a little bit of the sickness and enters it into the person for them to become immune to it. But no matter how much of you I have in my system  I can't become immune to the grace in your walk and the brightness of your smile the softness in your touch still cause butterflies to make me feel sick to my stomach so I guess ill just sneeze and cough these poems out. I told you before these poems just write themselves you go from my flu to a muse and sometimes I don't know if I'm using this pen or if by this pen I'm being used cause the way these poems happen either I'm being used or my pen loves you too. Or maybe it understands that no matter how much I write there aren't enough words I can gather to describe you   Call you sunnie cause you'll shine with or without me ... And I'm afraid to get you diamonds I'm afraid the results will be blinding  I love you with a love that few will ever see because my love isn't dependent on you returning it back to me  I can't call you a dime cause they aren't worth enough I can't call you a diamond because they aren't rare enough I have to call you jade because jade is so rare you have to dig beneath the earths surface to find where it is made Last I checked half a pound of jade is the correct weight of what's needed to equivocate the value in worth of a man we know as bill gatesLast I checked you weighed about 111lbs so If I do the math you'd come you to priceless Guys say I treat you like I should call you highness But I just look at them and say kings and queens can't even afford this.Miss you are the reason when my phone rings my heart skips And I've heard that other girls are racing to this.... But you already got dibs. 

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