My unborn Princess


TITLE: ***My unborn princess*** As i walk towards heaven, all I see is you. The sky is as blue as it can possibly be, and all I see is you. The clouds are as white as snow and still all I see is you. Nothing is as beautiful as you, my dear. Your eyes are  more sparkly than any other star in the universe. You smile is like the sun; admirable, enchanting, and incomparable. Your skin is softer than any rose petal.  Your lips represent the innocence and your purity that you have in your soul. As i descend from heaven, all I see is darkness. The sky's color represents evil. Evil that I feel crawling inside my body. Evil that suffocates you, and you cant escape from it. Squinting my eyes all I try to see is you,  but the dusty clouds make everything so unreadable.  I promise my dear, that I will fight for you. I will fight even if I have to sacrifice my life. all I can do is have flashbacks of your beautiful face.  My life is miserable without you. everything I see looks like hell. evil has defeated me, but I wont give up.  I won't give up on you my little girl. believe me!  I know god is with you and that you are in heaven. I'm destined to live with memories of you. memories that I will never let fade. I always wanted to hear a voice saying "mommy" but I have to resign and say " I miss unborn child" Author: Carla Fitzgerald (Senior High School Student)

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