My Two Left Feet


Raising her arch in a laconic form                            

A movement gentle and poised                              

Her beat is kept on the ground                            


His impulses are mercurial                            

His gestures slow                            

There is no telling where he will go                              

Flat are his feet                            

Step, ball-change is the beat                            


They know of a place where all things dance                            

Burning in the spotlight                            

Magnified under the glass                            

Bowing to the laughs                            


Her toes meet her leg in perfect gratitude                              

Arrow straight and converse up                            

His feet planted with disciplined attitude                            

They splash her dreams and silence her heart                             


Battles fought; love is shattered                            

Learning to dance never really mattered                              

My love is expressed through song and dance                              

When all is said and done                              

There are no hearts to be won                            

These two will never see the day                              

Where fighting is not the way                              

Mismatched pairs they are stuck                            

No common ground is met                            

Still I love to dance                              

Me and my two left feet                       


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