My Turbulent Tears



My Turbulent Tears


The Night had made its way

and the pains started sinking in,

I open my mind to that time

when autumn was my friend

but that was way back then,


I could feel the coldness 

in the air holding much fear 

while I looked outside to see 

if everything is fine

that’s when old memories 

started rushing back at me,


I see the darkness all around

I see the old streetlight

holding its gloom 

autumn leaves fallen by my feet

my mind started to fine the memory 

of his eyes looking back at me,


My heart started to break 

while the blood of me

started making a sea in darken dreams

the street is run red 

while his words started playing with my mind

his voice cutting into the fog of dreams

my tears run like a thunderstorm of rain,


Oh, how I can feel the pains of yesterdays

intensified with protests cries 

asking him why do you want me like this?

I was in a state of emergency 

I feel I can no longer breath 

Dark Angel is a rebel of pain 

He gives Darken Dreams.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1982


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