On My Tumultuous Journey


I am a runner, I am a student, I am a worker

I am a student, I am a student, I am a worker

I am me, I am me

I think these simple phrases over and over,

On my tumultuous journey


I continue to feel the pace,

The rhythm of my feet pounding against the wet cement ground.

The little drops throw themselves at my face

On my tumultuous journey


Do they not understand I am not like the common person?

Do they not realize that I am not one of them?


They do not believe that I can what I must

They have the mind set of continuous thinking, where I believe

For being able to believe, I have the power to know and with this comes the power to will


They do not have this,

They think, with thinking comes doubt and unknowing

On my tumultuous journey


I am as strong as they, tell me,

I am something they don't know how to be

I am not a normal girl


I struggle with these thoughts

On my tumultuous


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