This is my true self.

A girl with long brown curly hair.

She's friendly, helpful, a hard worker,always with a positive attitude,

self motivated, enthusiastic and a probem solver.

A girl who will stop and smell the roses.

Somone who isn't afraid to get her hair dirty or care what others think of her.

A girl who loves her family and friends

and will do anything for them.

Her world is filled with the beauty of nature

and all its wonderful colors.

She embraces all that's around her and see's every little detail.

She's the girl who likes to look at the stars at night.

The girl who will sit on the couch

and watch movies all day long.

A girl who can get lost in her own imagination.

She's the person you can talk to about anything.

She will always keep her promises and make sure that you keep yours.

She's the girl who likes to make people pinky promise

so that way she knows they're telling the truth.

She's a girl who hates spiders and freaks out if she see's one.

Someone who loves ice cream and

will even eat it when it's cold outside.

Won't take no for an answer.

Loves to wear nail polish

A girl who wants to travel the world.

See new and exciting things.

Her world around her is filled with joy and laughter.

She is filled with people who love her

and make her smile everyday.

She's a girl who loves vintage things.

The girl who loves decorating and making things BEAUTIFUL.

She's a girl born with one hand.

She doesn't care what others think of her.

She's her own person.

Anything she isn't able to do she see's as a challenge.

She's a girl that can sometimes get lonely

and feel like she has no one to talk to.

A girl who loves music and feels

like its her escape from the world.

A girl who sees things differently in her own way.

A girl who loves fashion and will dress

up on any occasion.

A girl who loves spending time with her family.

She's the type of person who likes to

stare out into the rain.

She likes to hear the sound of the rain falling from the sky.

She's the girl who likes to look at old paintings

and all the colors that are involved.

She's the girl who will go on adventures

and experience new and exciting things.

Who is this girl?

I am that girl

and will continue to be myself and no one else.

This is my true self.



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