My True Home

My True Home

Towering buildings in downtown, small plazas too.

Strip malls, restaurants, and outlets.

Sidewalks, ocean, palm trees and gorgeous homes.

Tampa, Florida; my state.


Pirates, ships, and fishers.

Churches, Boys and Girls Club, and libraries.

Tennis courts and little league fields.

Buccaneers, Rays, and Lightnings.

Raymond James, Yankee Stadium, and the Forum.

Tampa Bay; my city.


Plant High, Grady Elementary, Coleman Middle.

PDQ, Yogurtology, and Teamworks.

Moe’s, Tropical Smoothie Café, and Gigi’s Cupcakes.

Don Banks, Gaslight Antiques, and Farm Stores.

Steak n’ Shake, Chick-fale, and Smoothie King.

Plant High District; my school district.

Football field, baseball field, and gym.

Friday Night Football, Homecoming, and cannon blast.

State Champs, Rick’s Café, and Madrigals.

Chorus, band, sports, and clubs.

Hundreds of teachers, thousands of students, and millions of staff members.

AP classes, honors gifted classes, honors classes, and regular classes.

French, Spanish, and Latin.

Science, Math, and English.

Main Hall, South Hall, and New Building.

Cafeteria, patio, and courtyard.

Teachers, cafeteria staff, and custodians.

Seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.

Coaches, players, fans and rivals.

Plant High; my school.


Busy intersections, annoying red lights, and major roads.

Safe sidewalks, no grass, big yards, and some wild flowers.

Wooden and chain link fences.

Big dogs, big cats, and people.

Runners, bikers, and speed walkers.

Oak trees, palm trees, and maple trees.

Small kids, teenagers, adults.

Tennis players and basketball players.

Swimmers and singers.

Plant students, teachers, and parents.

Phone wires, squirrels, and birds.

 Firemen, librarians, and Publix employees.

Wendy’s, Yogurt Naturally, and Burger King.

Plato’s Closet, Once Upon a Child, and Sweet Pea.

Florida State Fair, Carnival, and Cracker Country.

Skateboarders, walkers, and dancing walkers.


Plant Neighborhood; my neighborhood.


Big yard, huge oak tree, a pool.

A small brick wall, a little black gate, and a chain link fence.

Green walls, a black roof, and two yellow doors.

Two empty pots, three small steps, and a short walk way.

A patio and a deck.

Two French doors, ten windows, and one big carpeted playroom.

Tile kitchen, with sink, cabinets, dishwasher, and trash cans.

Wooden living room, with two couches, one arm chair and one TV.

Three wooden bedrooms, me and my sister’s, my two little sisters’, and my parents’.

My parents’ in a master, with a king bed, and small pink tile bathroom.

My sisters’, with two with dressers, and a white bunk.

Me and my sister share a room.

A house in Plant neighborhood; my neighborhood.


One brown dresser, two small closets, and one door.

White walls, brown bunk bed, and white desk.

Electric key board, back packs in the corner, and shoes everywhere.

Hand drawn pictures stuck up on the walls.

Framed pictures hanging proudly.

Brown shelves by the bed.

Text books nail kit, IPod, Kindle, and tons of books.

Gold and black here and there.

Pirates of the Caribbean blanket, monkey pop belly, and Pirates of the Caribbean music playing pillow.

Gold butterflies rest above my window.

How to Train Your Dragon poster resides on the wall.

A lamp brightly shines.

A room in a house; my room.


Grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles in Ecuador and America.

Mom, Dad, three sisters, and two pets.

Mom; care taker, nanny, lover, advisor, Darla.

Dad; pastor, fun, watches my movies with me, George.

Sister #1; funny sweet, sometimes annoying, trustworthy, helpful, Alexis.

Sister#2; can be a little monster at times, comedian, weather lover, artist, Juliana.

Sister #3; reliable, adorable, sometimes hard of hearing, Hailey.

A dog; loyal, energetic, wild, Lucy

A cat; lazy, lovable, loving, sweet, Tinkerbell.

A family; my family.


Lover, friend, Christian.

Rocker, Rapper, T- Mac fan.

Artist, athletic, and musician.

Collector, examiner, and talkative.

Loves snakes, bugs, and animals.

Family oriented, raised in morals, and loved.

Helper, compassionate, and understanding.

Clumsy, inattentive, and outspoken.

Fun, crazy, and hyper.

Thinker, poet, and singer.

Happy, smart, and full of joy.

Persistent, stubborn, and hardworking.

Open two new things and always ready to try something new.

Sensitive, open hearted, and forward.

Level headed dare devil.

Big heart and big mouth.

Lazy y but still tries hard; it’s a choice.

Rower, AP and Honors Gifted student.

Music Fanatic.

Creative writer.

Reader to the most extreme extent.

Sometimes a nerd.

Super hero fan for life.

A person; my own person.

Part of a family; my family.

Kayla Calderón






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