My True Face Hypothetically speaking

The average person has one face. 

I have none 

I wear a blank mask


The mask is for:







I have no face

I wear a mask

And I don't think I can ever take it off

But hypotetically speaking of course 

Let me show you my true face 


What can you see? 

Can you see the dried canyon, that was once filled with tears.

So deep you could drown in them. 

So deep they burrowed through my cheeks. 

The nerves there are too swollen now 

Sorry I can't force a smile


Can you see the crater in my eyes. 

There is no air under this mask 

So unfortunately it can't be covered.

Just continue to stare into this deep black hole

But don't come too close you don't want to fall into my abyss


Can you see my lips covered under molten lava.

Seal together under 1300 F degrees 

Unforutnately it only get hotter from there

So don't come too close you will get burned


The average person wears one face 

I wear a mask

Can you see why?

But it is not so bad, a mask can become a face.


What does my face than show.

This poem is about: 


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