My Time Will Come


United States
32° 55' 50.0844" N, 80° 0' 11.4588" W

Every night i have dreams that my dreams will true
but when i wake up, i get all discouraged, i get all sad, and blue.
When i wake up from my dreams, I say " i wish this could happen now"
but then i wonder , when will it happen, and how.
Every night i dream that one day I will see my name in this nice bright light
sleeping all day, but singing and playing instruments all hours of the night.
but instead of being on stage singing with all my heart
I face going to school , getting good grades, and just being a regular teen
and doing my part.
Sometimes i ask myself, when will it start?
When will i be able to be me? when will i be able to show the world who i can be?
And suddenly, i hear a voice
A voice that says "you must make a very careful, and smart choice. "
A choice that might effect your life,
a choice that I think will be right.
And then i realized, that my dream is to do something that i love
to do something that will make me smile, and excite the man above.


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