My Tick


My tick consists of many features and fun facts,

From my morning routine to the way I act.

The most popular one of every day,

 Is waking up in the morning looking up to say,

 “Thank you god and good morning to you,

What’s in store for today, what do you chose?”

With a nice iced kicker along with yummy whip cream,

My day is off to a great start, or so shall it seem.

Whether the day be good or the day be rough,

I can make it through because I am tough.

 I enjoy making family and friends laugh, making their guts bust,

It brings me joy and happiness, from dawn until dusk.

But my greatest drive is to reach the goal that I have set,

To become what I dream of, a dental assistant.

I want to do it for more than just the pay,

It is what I dream of, it helps me through my day.

Helping others smile, building confidence that’s true,

With a happier smile, there is more they will do.

Its funny isn’t it, how something so small,

Can make a big difference, and it can change it all.

So my dream, what you can call my tick, my goal,

Is to help many smile, and to change the world.


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