My thoughts


First time i saw didnt even pay attention to you 

i was in a whole diferent world

my heart and soul was in a different destination

i dont know what lead you to me but you made me feel special

and important but as time went on you seem to just slide

little by little away from me

Why? Why? are you suddenly ranning from me 

after you stoled my heart you think you can

just ran off like that,huh?

No! no! not another heart break

i just cant get you out of my head please 

tell me that you need me, love me, wanna be with me

you the only guy who make me feel special

But you know what now?

it dont matter no more cause i got better things to do

i just realized that i was wasting my time with you

and this time baby its for real never again will i fall for a guy like you

just steal a girls heart and live 

dont know what you take me for 

but am here to tell you this game is over, better believe it


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