My Thoughts

My thoughts
My thoughts

I hope for the day I will be able to see you.
My insecurity is only the beginning of the millions of reasons of why I can't seem to portray my infatuation of you.
A muse once whispered to me, "close your eyes and imagine the person you want to be with."
To be honest, my mind goes blank.
I am twenty of age and I cannot grasp the thought of loving another.
I can imagine helping
I can imagine courtesy
But when the thought of love comes to mind, I see a long fall from the cliff I am on.
And girl, I am scared of heights…. No terrified.
Lessons are expensive and I paid a hefty price with the cost of my trust.
I do not think I can love again.
I do not think I can give you my love, without picturing you throwing it away after seeing how damaged I am.
I open to easily.
I cannot trust myself to open up when dealing with personal matters.
I constantly remind myself of the horrid past, so that I do not give too much.
So, I keep to myself and no one else.

My thoughts
My thoughts.

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