my thoughts at 14 (isn't it strange to grow up?)

He makes my heart beat faster just by being in the same room.
He makes me laugh like no one else can.
He makes me feel like someone special when he talks to me.
He always acts like a gentleman.
He's kind and funny and has the best laugh in the world.
He hugs me, and it's like I'm the only girl in the room.
He is gorgeous, with dark chocolate hair and hazel eyes.
He is chivalrous, and so respectful of me and others.
He is loyal and brave.
He's my perfect guy-
But he's not mine.
He has a heart of gold-
But it belongs to another.
He thinks of me as a friend-
And that's all I'll ever be.

And yet, I still love him. It's so painful sometimes that I wonder why my heart persists. But then he smiles or talks to me especially and hope grows against my protests, only to be shot down again. It's completely unrequited, but I still hope, even when it seems impossible. Because that's what you do for love, right?

Well, if not, tell that to my stubborn heart.

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