My Thing Is...

Mon, 10/05/2020 - 14:45 -- Puma99

My thing is, why play a role 
you know nothing of. 

the role of a loving grandparent to the most precious thing
god puts on earth
As if she never was born type of energy.

as a kid she'll ask "why did you go to jail"
your response was "because I did for you". 

 My thing is, she never told you to scam for her
lying your problems on a child, she never said do this & that
so what exactly do you mean.

she never understood why you treated her differently from the rest
it's understood she's the oldest but let's not forget
the oldest always feels most neglected
behind a beautiful smile & laugh.

My things is why send letters of things you wanted to make up for 
never kept your end of the deal.
Never sale a dream to a child if you can't afford the cost of pain in the long run
for last 9 plus years 

My thing is you're learning how to play the role
not how to become the role, trying to make it up through 
your other grands
other people grands
when your never fixed the first relationship

why talk about down talk on someone
something so pure to another human being 

My thing is
why try keep playing a role
you're not qualified for. 

This poem is about: 
My family
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