My Thief - Nora


United States
33° 57' 56.8764" N, 118° 16' 23.2572" W

Invited to steal my breath away
with words that impact me
like a bullet to the back.
Destroying tissue and preconceptions,
morphing muscle and precocious prototypes
of grandeur.
Impossible and imperceptible control over my cosmos,
your deft hand masterfully crafts phrases
that shatter my walls like tempered glass
and exponentially feed this literary romance.
The light emanating from me pales in comparison to the veritable sun beams that implode
and consequentially erupt with the energy
of a hyper nova.
These rays blind me and simultaneously
illuminate and elucidate every corner,
every dark recess and overlooked crevice
of possible sensation.
You are my light by which to see
the implacable poetic dominance that steals days away from the devoted.
The sweet dissonance rings true like none other,
forming discordant tones that you and I may deign to take hold of,
and transform to our liking.
Our choice, our transfiguration of these unmade roots possess a certain deviance.
My thief, like a leviathan of poetic delicacies and opportunistic scribblings,
you brave that tempest of harrowing ventures,
of ill-fated connections that miraculously withstand devastation,
left strengthened and exhilarated by the storm.
Your wish is my command, in that my sciences and my secrets
surface like driftwood, gravitating to shore in full sight of observers.


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