This is my Sword

These words were never meant to fall upon death ears

These words were meant for battle

These words were meant for war

NO, we will not stand by and let our voices be silenced

Nor will we pretend to be okay with the mistreatment

With these words we SHOUT OUT!

We say that we are hurting

We say that we fear the world around us because the darkness has swallowed the light

How can we fight?

With no ammunition, no back up, and snipers ready to kill

How can we fight?

With limited resources and no networking skills

These beautiful dreams of young boys and girls with wide eyes and optimism

HERE we stand

Not ready to admit defeat because our weapons are our PENS

And with this pen and these stories we tell the truth

We have put down our white flags

No more of this truce


And we know that what we stand for is greater than this mental imprisonment

So, we have drawn our weapons because in the end

The sword is not mightier than the PEN.



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