My sweetest baby boy

As I had you in my stomach 

I never thought I could love someone so much

The kicks, the hiccups, keeping me up at night

You were finally born in april

Looked at you for the first time

I fell in love

I thought I had been in love before

But, no now I know what true love is

Your Sperm donor didn't want you

Don't worry I will give you twice the love

Your going to later ask where he is

My reply is the truth

He did not want you

I am now without my mother my dear son

She kind of abandoned me

I need her, I need her hugs, her advice

She calls everyday, not the same

My sweet baby boy of thirteen pounds

I will never hurt you the way I was hurt

Your getting older now

Mamaw is still not around just yet for to see you grow

Seventeen is a hard age with a baby

You my sweet baby, you ease the pain of everything 

Your smile lights up my face

Your laugh makes my heart feel whole

You are my entire life

Will you go through pain, yes

Will you have hard times, yes

A question of yours is will I be there

My sweetest baby boy of course

I will try my best to cheer up always

But, most of all

I will love you with all my heart always 


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