My Sweet Winter


United States
29° 12' 16.7544" N, 81° 0' 3.312" W

Famous for her nipping on my skin,
The utter freshness is always new every day;
The air is so crisp and the bite of the wind
Leaves me breathless like the mountains I say;
Oh the mountains all snuggled in their blankets,
That fresh powder folds and wades ever so beautifully,
It is churned and fluttered in time of light,
Yet it is restored to its origin at night;
This is a season, famously, of white and grey
But many forget of the greens and blues
Of the ever present pines and clear skies needless to say.

Your spirit to the furry seems of slumber,
Yet I perceive you as anything but a bummer;
You are as active as your polar opposite,
That warm guy who only seems to quit
At your games of slick and etiquette;
Your grace and perfect flow is mesmerizing,
And each of your soft descending tears keep individualizing;
When we have enough of your play,
We head to our saccharine drinks near the dancing flames
To enjoy the rest of our stay
As guests of yours and as our host we say “Hooray!”

Each of your brethren has times of celebration,
But you have the most with meaning;
With the days of new life for many a king,
One of a major faith, another resented the thought,
And another brought rights to those who could not speak for themselves,
As we have three kings here, there are three kings there
Who celebrated our lord, the king of kings.
I find it humorous how you mold an old chap
Into a babe with a higher strap;
But when this time comes to an end,
One must prepare to find those flowers to spend.


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