My Sweet Little Angel

Tue, 03/24/2015 - 13:21 -- Erysian

Please don't cut, please don't cry

Just come here beside me and lie

Your head on the down of your wings

My sweet little Angel, who can't stand the state of things

This isn't forever, please don't say goodbye

My sweet little Angel, it will pass like a sigh

It is a season of hardship, but seasons are swift

So don't let this become a rift

Between you and your sainted life

Because where there may be strife

There is goodness as well.

And though the day that you fell

From that wide-open sky

May make you want to cut, to cry

Please don't say goodbye.

I am here for you, my sweet, broken Angel.


Though your wings may be tattered, torn, and bleeding

From this world's fearsome beating

I'll gather them close, and hold you tight,

Tell you that it will be alright

Heaven, your home, is closer to Earth than you think

After all, the seasons are swift

The next one might be a gift.

And my tragic, beautiful Angel, till then I won't let you sink.


If only I could get you to see

Your goodness cloaked in humanity

My sweet little Angel, you are better than them

Those who refuse to recognize you as a gem

So don't give in, just come to me

Lean on my shoulder and let your hurt fly free

Let me bandage your wounds and splint your wing

In the next season, we will see you flying.

So please don't cut, please don't cry

One day soon, again you will fly

And from below I'll be watching,

With you, my heart soaring

And on that day, when you take flight

Don't look back, not even a sight

Just keep going higher, keep shining brighter 

Lighting the darkness for the next lonely fighter,

The next tragic Angel, cloaked in humanity

Will find their way to me.

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Our world


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