My Superhero, My Rock

the island is enorumous

the water is deep

i'm scared and alone

i can't move my feet


i look to the sky

it's dark and it's grey

i'm trembling and scared

but you're not far away 


i close my green eyes

i sit on the ground

i imagine my home

i remember the sound


the sound i'd forgotten

of your warm, happy voice

i wish you were here

you don't have a choice


mom, you need to protect me

you always know best

i'm stuck on this island

i need lots of rest


who will help me find food? 

or pick my clothes off the floor?

without you i'd be hungry,

life would be such a bore


who would wipe away the tears

when I sit down and cry?

who would walk me through struggles

without even a sigh? 


i smile at the idea

that you're next to me

then i open my eyes,

and you're sitting with me 


mom, thank you for caring

i know you love me

because without you on this island

where the hell would i be? 






This poem is about: 
My family


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