My Superhero


He doesn't know who I am

I'm not supposed to feel alone.

He things he is king sitting on his golden throne.

To me, he's the jester,

He's letting his family fall apart and fester.

There will always be someone more important than me.

All I want is to fly away and be free.

But my wings are clipped,

And I'm being held back.

In his arms is the warmth that he lacks

When will he learn how to be a family man.

Sometimes it's hard to trust God's plan.

I know the universe is on my side,

But this part of my life makes me want to scream and hide.

All I can do is stay tough and bare through it.

It's hard to stay strong when my family is taking the hit.

Sometimes I feel like I don't belong.

Why does he always think that I'm in the wrong?

God gave me this task,

Whatever it may be

Maybe it's to keep my family from getting away from me.

I used to have faith and I used to be proud,

But now the anger inside of me is screaming too loud.

He knows nothing about me and he doesn't care who I am

As long as he's happy, he doesn't give a damn.

I want to run and I want to be free

And I want to stop living in this pain and misery.

But until then, until I can be free

I need to keep my former superhero as a distant memory.



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