My Sunshine

Its The Way She Smiles
No Matter How She Really Feels
The Way She Wrinkles Her Nose
When She Laughs At My Jokes
Or How Her Braces Catch My Lip
That Awkward Silence Is Just So Golden
My Restless Sleeper Hair Tied In My Sweat Pants
Shes So Beautiful When Shes Sleeping
I Just Love My Lovely Dreamer Dreaming Of Me
And Yea Im Constantly Sensually Dreaming Of She
I Miss Our Late Night Talks And Lovely Phone Calls
Sweet Text Messages And Heart Felt Poetry
I Love How She Loves Me Adores Me Ignores Me
Yells At Me Kisses Me And Encourages Me


She Is Mine To Me
As I Am Hers To Her
Forever Mi Corazon
Love For Each Other
Is Forever There


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