My Sun

You are my light.
The rays of your gaze burn against my skin.
I am trapped in your fiery gaze, 
Drowning in those two twin pools of molten gold.
Isolated from you,
I would die without your light.
Yet if you returned to me my frozen heart would thaw at your touch.
The arctic winds would be but a summer breeze if you were by my side.
When I am close to you, 
I am in the middle of a vast desert,
Stranded without water.
When I look at you,
I see a flame.
To watch perfection,
Only to be scorched should I choose to touch.
I am the earth and you are the sun.
My life revolves around you,
You are the force pulling me in and shining warmth down upon me.
Without you I would go spinning off my axis,
The only thing that keeps me from spiraling off into the dark and distant cosmos.
You are my sun.
The light that shines through the darkness.
My light. My hope. My love. My world. My universe. My sun. My everything.


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