My Sun


United States
33° 48' 23.4144" N, 118° 11' 28.5144" W

You're my radiant star, you're my sun which penetrates and consumes all of the darkness.
You shine your light into my soul causing the darkness that corrupts my mind to disintagrate and become no more but a symbol of the past.
You are my future which I look forward to see everyday of my waking mornings from when you rise and awaken me.
You are the sun, as I am the moon.
You would rise as I would fall.
Then I would rise, as you would fall.
You shine in light as I shine in darkness.
We both live different lives.
But the love and compassion we carry and hold for each other will forever balance out our differences.
You will forever remain as my sun, as I as your moon.

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Mafi Grey

I love this poem. Check me out, i'm on the first page of super poet. I'll read your others when i get the chance.

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