My Students Status

I am a student,

Not your fuddy, duddy, bar buddy.


I'm here to learn,

Not hear you voice your vulgar opinions about our world.

Keep your opinions to yourself to later be unfurled.


The subject  you teach is Political Science.

Your degrading view of women in the classroom should be void.

If I wanted to hear crap like that, I'd read the tabloid.


My education is costly.

I can hardly bear your off topic chatter.

Keep your intimate life private it really doesn't matter.


Here are some subjects I'd like to discuss.

Lets talk congress, our president, the current laws,

Or even the house, the senate, and budget flaws.


I am a student of Poltical Science, so please don't misunderstand

That I wish to stick to the topic at hand.





I loved creating the third Stansa for this poem because I had written this about my Political Science teacher who would talk about everything in the world not relating to the subject I signed up for. Sometimes he would use very strong words to express women and share stories of his life at home, which were inapprpriate to class. While writing this stansa, I thought back to the tabloid and how they exploit peopl's lives for the public to read about. In a way, my Poltical Science teacher was exploiting his life for the class to hear and it was information that should've been kept private.

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