My Struggle with Over Nourishment


Do you love food? I  do. Food is the center of my world. I don’t eat to live I live to eat. I really enjoy eating fo od. I like to savor each and every bite of the delicious meal that is on the table. Food is my best friend and my constant companion. Food has always been there for me when I needed someone. Where there is food there is life. I don’t think I could live more than three weeks without food.When I get near food the first thing that comes into my head is that it looks scrumptious and that I better eat the plate of heaven before it gets cold.

I walk through the door and I smell the grease dripping from the frier.The scent runs like a track star to my nose. I walk through the living room, my stomach is now talking to me telling me, “You better devour whatever is ready for you to eat.” I walk through the hallway the aroma is getting to me I feel like I have never eaten anything in my life before. I arrive in the kitchen and see French Fries in the frier. I take the fries out and toss them on a plate. I walk from the kitchen to the dining room and start pouring ketchup all over the the delicious plate of golden french fries. In a flash all my fries are gone.   If life was a box of chocolates I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from eating my life away. Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to try several different foods.

I have eaten a lot of foods over my life but I definitely can pick a favorite of all the foods I have eaten. My number one food would have to be Tasos delicious cheeseburgers. I have eaten way too many of their perfect cheeseburgers. When I walk into Tasos I feel like I am at home. I walk in the front door and my face is hit with a warm cozy feeling. I am greeted by an extremely friendly hostess who takes my family and I to our seats. As the hostess walks me to the table my belly began to make noises. By the time I had arrived at my table my stomach had a feeling of

emptiness. The waitress takes my order and brings me my Pepsi. I am so hungry I throw down several Pepsis before my cheese burger arrives.The cheeseburger smells like a combination of well seasoned beef and melted cheese. I then slowly start to feel full and my hunger starts to slowly return back to deep pits of my stomach.  Tasos is one of my favorite restaurants but I have many more favorite eating establishments.

I really dislike when one of my favorite eating establishments no longer is open. Knoxville has lost several restaurants over my lifetime that I really enjoyed eating at. The worst day of my life was October 4th in 2009. It was the day Sonic closed down I remember a feeling of deep regret.  I had thought the day before that I would go to Sonic and get a double cheeseburger and some cheese tots. As my family drove past Sonic my stomach sank to see the boards on the windows on the once vibrant Sonic. Sonic said to me, “Tyler don’t be sad live on.” I had made so many good memories in that parking lot and I knew I would no longer make memories there. I remember rushing home to look on KNIA/KRLS. As the webpage slowly loaded at the top of the page it said Sonic had closed but it may reopen in the next spring. That day never came and the only time I feel the joy I felt in that parking lot is when I stop by a Sonic in a different town but the feeling will never be exactly the same. Losing Sonic was like losing a family member. I had so many memories I wanted to make but they would never be made. Several of my first memories were at restaurants.

Most of my first memories were at my favorite restaurants. I still remember the first time I had Sonic. It was a warm day in mid two thousand and one. I was three and a half years old and I had spent the day with my grandpa. After a long day outside we had became hungry so we made a trip into town. As we pulled into Sonic the car creeped up the steep concrete driveway. We pulled into a narrow parking spot and press the bright red button repeatedly until we hear a woman’s

voice on the other end. After we ordered our food was delivered to us by a teenage girl who was

on a pair of white a red skates. I then remember my grandpa giving me a tray of cheese tots. The cheese was melted to perfection on some golden deep fat fried tater tots. The cheese tots were a dream come true. I savored every bite and was hooked to Sonic since that day. I also remember my first time I had Godfather’s pizza. We had just moved to Iowa and my mom needed a job so she applied to be assistant manager of  Godfathers. She got the job and many times over the next six months I had enjoyed many slices of Godfathers amazing pizza. Every bite was more delicious than the bite before and I never got tired of having Godfather’s pizza. From time to time I still crave a slice of Godfather’s pizza. When life throws me curveballs I have all of these wonderful memories to think of.

I should eat to live but instead I live to eat. Without food everyone would be dead. Food is the source of human life and that is the reason why I made food my best and only friend. I enjoy sitting at home and eating alone in my bedroom for hours every night. Losing a restaurant is one of the worst feelings anyone could ever experience. I have learned I should fight my addiction to food. There are way too many health risk that come with taking in too much nourishment. I will spend the rest of my life fighting this never ending battle with food. If I ever do beat my addiction chances are I will relapse before my withdrawals are over. I might make it  a few hours  ,but then  I will become hungry and won’t be able to fight the urge. Then I will devour the first delicious item I see. This disease is very hard to fight.  I will die someday. I will not die alone though. Food will be by my side when I am dying. Food will live on after I die. Accompanying billions of other people throughout their lives. Food may move on but it will always be my only true friend.


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