My Strongest Love

December 18- we confessed  You told me through text: "I like you" We began to talk and I dangerously fell January 4- we made it exclusive  Imaginary fireworks went off in my mind  22 months later- we're still together Only one big key difference, we're separated  Because I love you enough, I encouraged you to leave this town I trust you more than enough to be loyal I'm honest enough to tell you: "yes, trust me but not blindly." I might not be open enough but I take responsibility  I take responsibility for my countless reckless actions  And I try to work on all my flaws  And even when I drop the ball, you've always showed me compassion  You've taught me to respect myself To place myself on a pedi-stool  From you I'm learning to self improve Not to self loath because I don't look like a vogue model Because you love me, you've waited almost two years Never once made a move that would make me feel uncomfortable  We've grown to love and respect each other  So when you ask: why do I love you? I love you because I love you

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