My Strength in Words




My emotions remained bottled

When the loss broke my heart

My one and only mother

Had went on above when I was just 16

My voice was quiet for a while

The pen and pad became my vocal chords,

Expressing the words that remained unsaid


I fell in love with the power of words

My words

Had a stronger meaning as others read

And grew amazed

At my words

These words.

These words helped me

Express myself when I wouldn’t let my voice

I took to the pen about three years ago and

It’s been my therapy since then

My mind raced constructing images of the words that floated,

Scattered in my brain


Once jumbled groups of letters

Combined to create this immaculate painting

Portraying the feelings of my heart.

I will let the past pain fuel my endeavors of my future

Thickening my armor along the way

Growing into the strong woman I know I am

 like the one I was raised by.


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