My Story To Tell

Sometimes I pray to the stars beggin' for my momma back. She's gone and I still can't accept the fact. Acceptance is what I lack . I wish heaven had a telephone. I'd call my momma each day and tell her to start coming home. I remember the flashing lights the screams and cries. The flowers the candles and hugs that were oh so tight. Confused. Young 5 year old not knowing what to do. Seeing my mom gone I was shook. She looked beautiful in her 15 dress as she lowered 6 feet under and I look. I threw some flowers and stood. Next to her tomb crying for hours. With this pain in my heart that felt like I was getting devoured. She's in a better place now. My mind is at peace now. I was shy but I'm trying to get outta my shell. And this is my story that I'm trying to tell . Life changes. Through happiness and pain. Life goes on..and i no longer have anything to hide nor to fear, cause' i know through whatever, mymomma is here. 


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