my story: or, a personal struggle with words, put into words


i should write a story.

     . . . what kind of story?

i dunno. like, a story.

     why is it so important that i have a story?

i dunno . . . i like stories. i wanted to be an author when i was younger.

     but i don't anymore. i just want to write a story because "it's cool" and "my friends are writing stories."

come on, i always used to like writing stories. i just haven't tried one in a while.

     because they all sucked. i could never finish anything. i still can't. not even crappy fanfiction.

i never stuck with it long enough because i got discouraged, kind of like right now. i could have written something great.

     well, i didn't. do -i- have a story idea, huh, genius?

i don't know . . . -do- i?

     obviously not, or i would be writing it right now instead of--

isn't this a story?



I am entering this poem in the America LIbrary of Poetry Student Poetry contest as well.

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