my story

Mon, 05/30/2016 - 11:41 -- noel s.

My story is very simple 

in school I was bad at reading 

passeges and questions 

was nothing but scribble 

but poetry came easy 

I could read a poem

and know it like the back of my hand 

i have been through 

more then most 17 year olds

from bullying to death in the family 

from divorce to family members parting ways 

not to be seen again 

this girl in me wants to help people 

wants to help kids who are going through 

the same thing I did and more

have I thought of suicide 

yes but 3 things

have kept me alive

God, my violin, and poetry 

All of a sudden 

in high school I started writing 

the words just appeared in my head

and flowed on the paper 

from then on I fell in love with it

it started as one poem 

and turned into several 

why am I a poet 

poetry tells a story 

a story where you don't have

to give every detail 

for a shy girl

she can write her story

and a normal person 

would think it's just another poem

but to a poetry lover 

they read it and see between the lines

they see feelings

the feelings that are put behind the masterpiece 

the feelings that she felt as she was writing 

they see that they are not alone

they see there are other people out there

going through the same thing 

but most importantly 

they see hope

This poem is about: 


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