My Story

Once I was in love,
To the person who I thought, for me, was enough.

He was funny and tall,
Courteous and all.

He makes those crazy jokes,
But gentleman the most.

He was the guy I noticed from the start,
Who always enters my mind and heart.

He liked me as a crush.
But I loved him so much.

There was the time the end has come,
Because he has found another one.

I tried to forget about our relationship,
And forced myself to accept the offer of friendship.

I cried every night in my room,
Thinking if my life was doomed.

I didn't know what to do.
Should I forget him and the memories, too?

My friends supported me through and through.
I was thankful of them for what they always do.

Time had come by so fast,
I moved from what happened in the past.

I learned one thing from him,
And that's making one self's life spin.

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