My Stand


United States
42° 20' 14.37" N, 83° 29' 46.8852" W

This is my last stand
The bastion that all else breaks against
The last correct way to be wrong
The last that I am feeling to be wrong
I want to love
I am told not to
If legality is what I am about
I may as well go
But I believe
The change is right
I wanted to change myself
Now I am different
As I always was
Different from those around me
But not lesser
No longer lesser
They try to make me feel their hate
But I am stronger
I become myself and love myself
If I die for the cause
I will be happy
To die for other's happiness
Is the only way to go
This is my last stand
I may be gone
But in the end I will win
I will stay standing



I just noticed that the poem is located in the Detroit area, where I live. It's awesome to see people close to home on here!

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