"My" spirit

Ecclesiastes 3:21                    New English Translation

21 Who really knows if the human spirit ascends upward,

and the animal’s spirit descends into the earth?”


Proverbs 20:27               New English Translation

27 The human spirit is like the lamp of the Lord,

searching all his innermost parts.


“My” spirit


Where are you hidden day to day and where do you invest nighttime?

Where do you get refreshed and why do you seem at times profound?

Is not your camouflage way too effective to this mind of mine?

As in the ruckus of this-worldliness, you don’t even make a sound


Did you drown out by my soul, that entity of my emotion?

Are you completely surrounded by my mind and my “will”?

Does my self-centeredness now become the altar of devotion?

As even in my “worship”, it is there just myself to fill


Powers of darkness are gloating for even my prayers are for self

It seems that all that matters is, that I’m doing and feeling well

My spirit in recognition is craving to be fully understood by me

The spirit’s tears are spilled water for I’m busy in thought to be free


To look for my “spirit” within is like looking for money in the gutter

Maybe it has become a habit because I found a dime many years ago

Smooth sailing is more peaceful than to depend on an engine, that sputters

To get to the goals of my longing which are written by forevermore


If redeemed my spirit is joined to the Heavenly Christ forever

Searching in our own level is like digging in your own yard for gold

To rise above self in obedience in the Holy Spirit, Who never

Does anything, you don't will too, as the truth in Christ Jesus unfolds


But Satan will try to deceive you, he moves on your feelings and body

He will employ your reasoning as he triggers your mind into action

Your “will” is like putty to be molded to fall in line with everybody's

To bring God from the throne to your level fulfilling your satisfaction


Jan Wienen


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