My special someone

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 02:48 -- Dayvon

I was asked is there anyone that I liked and I said yes. There’s this girl who looks so amazing that the word beautiful could only be meant as an insult. I can describe her hair flows down around her neck like puffy feathers. Her brown eyes are my most favorite movie because I can look at them for hours. I love it when her nose wrinkles up that's why I love making her mad. Her lips I bet would taste better than anything else I have ever tasted and her words are so soothing. Her skin is one of the smoothest things I every touch with my hands. Her hands are the warmest things I have ever felt in my cold hands. Her arms are thin like a ropes which makes it better to wrap around me and keep me close to her. Her body is always warm whenever I give her a hug. When she walks she walks with authority. That she does not deserve cat calls rather to be called by her name like all other women. She is not a dim a dozen she is rather a diamond of paradise like all other women If I could change anything about her only thing I would change would be her last name to mine and for her to never be sad or lonely ever again.

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