For my soulmate

You know I love you, more than life itself? If you were a liquor you'd be top shelf!!!

You don't have to worry about my leaving you, its something I can’t do, we have a love and a bond that is impossible to break, 

we've gone through alot of rough times and still came out on top, 

It's always been you from the very very start,

You should know it's only you that has the key to my heart, I know sometimes you get nervous and no relationship is a guarantee, but based on how hard we fight to be together, thinking about my life without you makes it hard to breathe,

Are relationship is strong, stronger than all the rest, 

We know this cause numerous times it been put to the test,

Mostly my fault and that I know,

But you know how stubborn I can be, but you still let me grow,

The fact that you except me for all my mistakes makes me realize that we have what it takes, So don't worry about me leaving cause it's something I can't do,

Since May 19th 2000, it's been me and you!!!



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