To my Soulmate

If people were a solar system

I would be the sun shining front and center in its glory

My friends would be the stars cheering me on

Boys would be the planet's constantly rotating their attention on me

But you

You are different

You are not like most planets

You only show yourself when I'm not around

In the darkness

Learning about you is difficult

I want to hold the craters between my fingers but

I must wait until your crescent body forms full circle

So I can watch you from hundreds of miles away

You become full for moments and then disappear without notice

I've learned that you need time to recharge

To hide in the twilight and rekindle your radiance

While I may be exposed to all parts of the world

You are mysterious and only expose the half you want us to see

You have taught me to be patient

To hope that one day you may turn your body around and expose your true self

I've become distracted and cannot pay attention to the planets anymore

Rather, I squint my eyes and find you shining light to people in times of despair

Instead of hearing the stars laughter in my ear

I feel your intense eyes twinkling from the skies above earth

I’ve become so used to the planets praising me

That I've become bored of radiating the solar system

I'm tired of the rings chaining me to put on a show that never ends

As I tear the orbital plane and run towards your crescent smile


the moon,
intertwining your craters through the ropes of my flame

Colors igniting the atmosphere

The solar system erupting into this caloratel beauty

The universe knows,

The universe knows that the sun and moon are soulmates

But can never be together

However, this love between our two contrasting beings

Should never be pushed away

And while the universe

Will explode into a big bang

I must embrace your beauty on my flame just once

People forget that the sun needs some light too

And you, the moon,

You have completely, wholeheartedly, electrified me


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