From My Soul to the Canvas

From My Soul to the Canvas


Outside the window so I look, to gaze upon solemn crooks

Those who have taken all from me

Nazis giving poison looks

Perhaps it was my destiny


This wealth of words that changed it all


Out the train so young I stared

The home and family I just lost

When we arrived the furnace glared

Our faith in G-d at what cost?


The words so personal they seem to call


In the camp the prisoners wept

While winter soul’s tears cold as ice

The night and cold always crept

While in the camp Nazis paid no price


So powerful art becomes


Death came dressed in uniform

The key to safety held in fires

We had no choice but to conform

To live was our only beg and desire


All of history art overruns


Damp and cold with little food

Work for days followed by prayer

The familiar German smile came all too crude

By our own hands our families’ corpses we layer


Connection to the words was felt so strong


As our liberation came to fight

The Nazis came in waves of fear

Into the chambers was our last light

Our cold bodies could give no tears


To tame my voice would seem too wrong


Nazis came with broken promises, so we followed like cattle

We followed until the end, with not one of us left to cry

And when it came, our liberation battle

Death’s four lies dressed in guns, but when we realized, it was time to die


One poem with a past too long






This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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