My Sleepless Slumber #YOWO

 I fall into deep sleep as if slumber is the only solitude that keeps my troubles at bay.

So I sleep,yes I sleep, but do I sleep?

I sleep,but my heart is awake,like a burning fire on a silent winter night.

An eternal flame that challenges the darkness.

A force challenging the very nature of humanity,the very nature of life. It keeps pushing.

Constantly pushing for success, pushing for acknowledgement, pushing for recognition, pushing to break boundaries.

Pushing to shatter the darkness,pushing to keep it's flames alive.
 But my darkness is ubiquitous, it's enveloping, it's a force to be reckoned with.
My omnipresent darkness poisons my dreams transforming them into beautifully constructed nightmares.

They keep my heart pounding ,loud like the ticking of a clock in a noiseless room.
The clock.Time, it's passing but my dreams are standing. I'm standing with them but I'm barely surviving.Tick,3! ,tock,2!,tick!1

as I  struggle to my feet ,barely avoiding a K.O.

Following the voice of a legend, I fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee.They soar like eagles and devour what's in their way. What's a butterfly to an eagle?
A shoe to an ant is what it is. I enter

a world of swirls and stars and colors

caused by the damaging blow of my boisterous,overwhelming opponent.

I hear a voice in my corner telling me "survival is key ".

I have a key but will it fit the lock? What  door will t open if it turns?

I stagger around ,trying to focus on my target. It seems impossible.

I am surrounded by voices: yelling, shoving, encouragement, profanity, negativity. 

I try to block them out as I ready myself for  another round.

The fight continues and I awake

to the sound of a ringing alarm; rescuing from my sleepless slumber.

I had a dream.

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