My Sister's Mask

Glorious in her pale pink tank top,

My tummy never looked that small in the mirror...

Her elongated limbs and locks of hair

blew as freely as the summer breeze.

I wasn't sure if I could ever be all that she was.


She would flit and travel to her copious posses,

I had my two or three best friends-

My only friends.

Sometimes she would roll with my friends

and little did she hurt.


Because there she was, the beauty and the eloquence,

with her trillions of friends and fans and foes,

and here I was,


the theater nerd,


the band geek-




She could lure them in

With her all-too-perfect charm,


But I saw right through her.


Stick on nails and perfectly crafted mascara

only last so long.

This poem is about: 
My family
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