My sister in Heaven


United States
33° 27' 18.6588" N, 81° 45' 24.57" W

Every time I see someone that looks like you, your face comes quickly to my mind
When I see your face in my mind those sad memories come rushing back
When we were eleven, God took you away from me.
The accident was so quick I really didn't realize it.
All I remember was hearing my mother say to me "Baby,Kaley has gone to be an Angel in Heaven." The minute I heard those words my heart broke into a million tiny pieces.
With nothing to but cry I cried out "why god why?"
Why would you take someone so close to me?
I remember hearing a voice say to me "You can't see me, but I'm right here next to you no matter what"
You've been gone for seven years now
I still cry out now and again for you
My wounds will never fully heal
What keeps me going on is that I know you're by my side
Looking down on me from heaven saying "Hold tight girl! You've got this!"
Even when I get to missing you I hear your sweet voice say "I'm right here with you no matter what"
I've told you this once and I'll tell you again
I love you my sister in heaven
No matter where I go or where I'm at
I know you're right by my side no matter what
I know one day when it’s by time
You’ll be waiting at heaven’s gates for me
I love you my sister in heaven, my guardian angel you’ll always be

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