My sister

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 02:40 -- phungma

Bumble Bumble Bumblebee

Come fly with me

You're in my dreams

But not in site

But I promise to dream of you tonight


I'll hold you close

I'll hold you tight

Please come visit in my dream  tonight 


I wish you were near

and not so far

but now you've become one with the stars


Thank you for the laughs

and thank you for the tears

You've made it easier for me to face my fears


You taught me to be kind 

You taught me to be a good sister

and never put family before my mister


You taught me to be strong

and never to be weak

But yet I was too blind to see you were at your peak


Thank you for the memories

Thank you for your beautiful soul

I just wish that I could see you more


I pray you've found happiness and peace

since now you are gone and deceased

goodbye my sister

goodbye good friend

I promise I will see you again. 






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My family
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