My Sister

Fri, 10/03/2014 - 10:16 -- sharise


new york
41 nassau lane
United States
40° 36' 9.1944" N, 73° 39' 14.6952" W

My sister, i must tell you that sometimes i can't make the green leave my eye everyone loves you I can't deny.

You tell me your not perfect, and I know that's true but your imperfections make you perfect, with everything you do.

You always know when something's wrong our talks have lasted all year long. I can't say "no ones listening anyways" because you have let me cry on your shoulder.

You always hold me til it is over, your arms are like my shelter. My hiding place forever.


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i wrote this poem based on my friendship with my best friend marina. she had just moved her and we didn't know each other until my brother introduced us on the school bus and since then we've been really close. we tell each other everything and she is trully like a little sister to me.

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