My Shoes

Try on

My shoes and see

This made up life you claim

I lead. These fake monsters inside

My head.


I lie.

You say. They are

Not real. I’m fine you say.

It’s just something in your head. But,

You’re wrong.


Have you

Ever cried yourself

To sleep because you can’t?

Nothing specific, you just can’t

With life.



In class, hearing

The words flow over you.

Seeing everyone talking, but

Not you.



No one likes you,

But knowing it’s not true.

You just sit in a crowded room.



Do you

Know what it’s like

To sleep for ten hours straight

Yet feel so tired you can barely

Make it?


When you

Have hours of work,

That’ve been there for ages

You desperately need to do,

But can’t.



Someone takes a

While to respond, or doesn’t

Talk to you for a little while,

You freak.


Wait, what?

What did I do?

Did I say something wrong?

Am I too much hassle for them?



It’s hell.

Knowing you’re fine,

But constantly worried,

About everything and nothing.



So please,

Try on my shoes.

Tell me how fake it is.

But don’t you forget, it’s just in

Your head.

This poem is about: 



I wrote this as a refelction on my past year and fighting with anxiety and depression while listening to friends and family brush it off like it's nothing.

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