My Ship


Here I sit,

Mind opened,

Thoughts spilling onto the floor,

Creating a raging sea.

A sea so vast,

A sea so wide,

A sight so magnificent I nearly cried.

There is no plan of action,

So raise the mast and get ready for sweet satisfaction.

Today is here forever,

And so I set sail for a beautiful endeavor.

Tomorrow threatens to appear day after day,

But Today screams, “Nay, for I am here to stay!”

My ship sets sail,

Journeying on a voyage of a lifetime,

anchoring would only be a crime.

So, sail towards the horizon,

And when my voyage here is over,

I shall set anchor into the setting sun,

Where the ocean ends, and its rivers run.

May my dream’s realities remain ever flowing,

Into shallow pools may they rest forever glowing.

Stationary only then may my ship stay,

For I have reached tomorrow,

And only now I have I finally lived today.


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