My Screams

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 21:07 -- Reyes


I want to be heard! 

I want my words, my screams and shouts to be heard by everyone. 

I want to the world to hear me out. To know that I am not as what I have been labeled. Or maybe that yes I am, but not in the way they mean it to. Yes my race is not liked in many places. And I try to ignore those looks, those words said to my face, at my back, on the news, by many people all around. Of course many things they say I don't pay mind to, "HA! WHO CARES WHAT YOU SAY! I KNOW IM BETTER, YEAH MAYBE WE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT ITS FOR US, A BETTER FUTURE, A BETTER LIFE, TO PUT FOOD ON THAT TABLE, WE DO IT BECAUSE WE DON'T WANT TO SUFFER, WE WANT A BETTER LIFE FOR US, OUR FAMILY. YOU MAKE FUN OF US FOR BEING IN 'POVERTY' YET ALSO TALK ABOUT US FOR WANTING TO GET OUT. RUBBISH TALK." The anger inside me is very strong sometimes. Families are separated, just because the parents were looking for the 'American Dream'. But what has the American Dream become? This is why I want to have a better future. The future my parents have been getting me ready for my whole life. I see why my father suffers in the heavy sun, why my mother suffered at times. It was for me, my siblings, for us. Which is why I want to work hard, ignore those rude comments, and just continue my way through the thorns in lives path. And I also want to help those like me, I want to help them in their health, be there because they don't have the privilege to attend any hospital. I want to help them get better, see them become happy, and be with their families. Be the doctor that helped.  That is my dream. 


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